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Watchman Warning To Rebellious: God Demands Repentance! (More Specific Prophecy Fulfilled)

WARNING, WARNING, WARNING! Major Flooding Havoc Along New England Coast. Judgement is here. Souls are at steak. Intercede now please for those in danger.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dfr-M… https://youtu.be/hckEV1h4vWk I know we all fall short but I also know that when we do fall short we must fall on our knees and not rebel. #StillStanding #SeekDeliverance #JesusMatters

The Holy Spirit is asking others to be in FERVENT prayer for the protection of the ones that are in dangerous areas.

Concerning the viruses and outbreaks that the whole world seems to be experiencing all at once, Minister Paul heard The Spirit of The Lord saying, “This is by design. This is by design. This is not no coincidence for the season you are in. Look around, look around, look around! May ye be found worthy as this world sickens, as judgement comes upon you! Look around, open, your eyes. Says The Spirit of The LORD. Turn to Me, turn to me in sackcloth and ashes, repentance. A repentant heart. While today is still called today in Jesus Name, In Jesus Name.”

Finally, Minister Paul gave the warning for the Washington D.C. Area:

Something’s coming your way and it’s not good. God is warning you!

He said The Holy Spirit said “outbreaks.”  This is going to produce OUTBREAKS!

Brother Paul says that things are not normal and not as they seem! Major things are coming upon the world! PRAY!

No Matter Who You Are!

The depth of God’s Love and Mercy is too much to keep to myself. My heart is overwhelmed at how The Creator and God of all could forgive me, even me..how He pursues me!!! When we are faithless He abides faithful because He cannot deny Himself! How can it be! Praise God it is so! The Creator of This Universe and all LOVES YOU!!! The one reading this! He wants a relationship with you which can and will come only through His Son, The Lord Jesus Christ. The Sacred Blood that was shed 2,000 years ago still atones today. Come ye, all who thirst! There’s room at His table, no matter who you are or what the world considers you to be.You are loved in such a way you can never imagine. I love you too. Be blessed in Jesus Name.

What am I doing for Jesus?

Being a follower of The Lord Jesus Christ, or a Christian, is not an easy life. If you truly pick up your Cross and follow Him, you must die to yourself and leave the things of this world behind. When someone is Born Again there should be fruit as the Bible calls it, or radical transformation. The desires of their hearts will change along with what they do with their lives.

Sometimes the flesh rises up and old thinking habits return for us. I know in my life I have always struggled with comparing myself to others and always coming up short. I didn’t know any better then and it cost me years of disappointments. This is because we are not the same. Every human being was created by The Lord God Almighty for His own unique calling on their lives. When we come to Christ and receive The Holy Spirit, we are given gifts of The Holy Spirit and our lives show that we have The Holy Spirit, that we are Christ’s. The Bible calls the changes fruits. This is because we are like trees. Jesus is the Vine and we are the branches. Apart from Jesus, or The Vine, we can do nothing. However, once we are Baptized with water and with Fire, as anointed vessels or Disciples, we go forth and live out the full Gospel. So many churches aren’t teaching the full Gospel, but this is so important. This is how we live as Jesus’ Disciples.

Mark 16:16-18 (KJV)

16 He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.

17 And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;

18 They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.

I know even today when my old thinking patterns rise up, I begin to compare myself to my Brothers and Sisters in The Lord. I look at how amazing their service is for Jesus. I watch how much they do for Jesus and the great impact it has upon the world. Then I think to myself of how I fall so short. This is when The Holy Spirit of God ministers to me, reminding me that we are all different in The Body of Christ. Jesus is The Head and we are The Body. Some of us are operating on the front lines dealing mores o with the Public street preaching, handing out tracts, making YouTube Videos etc… Some of God’s Children may be working more behind the scenes interceding for others, the world, and whatever The Lord puts on their hearts. So even though not everyone is working out in the public eye, every ministry and the gifts are equally important within each Christian. In my case, I have felt terrible because I have been dealing with a lot of demonic oppression and I am still being delivered so I can’t get out much.  I am not well spiritually right now. I stay up late to deal with attacks and all.  My heart is burning to reach out to people to heal the sick for example. I see so many people hurting on just trips to the grocery or in restaurants or whatever. I see braces, Diabetic shoes, crutches, wheelchairs, so much. I know I have the Power of The Holy Spirit within me to help them as a willing vessel, but now is just not the time in my life for this.

I am right where Jesus wants me. My prayers touch the heart of God and Jesus my High Priest. I see them answered and sometimes so quickly It’s amazing. The lives of people are changed and wonderful things happen. God is Awesome. He does not want you to feel insignificant and certainly not unworthy. It’s not our righteousness. It’s The Righteousness of Jesus that covers us and we are saved by Grace through Faith and in Him alone. Not by works. When we serve the Lord with our gifts and callings, we are bearing fruit. We love others because Jesus LOVED and LOVES us! He loves you! He wants us to share that love! The Holy Spirit inside of us rises up in joy with the Love of Christ and we just HAVE to give it away! So you see, it’s all fruit, not works. We do things out of love, they just blossom. We do things led by The Holy Spirit. When Jesus touches you, you will never, ever be the same. Your life becomes a FIRE that will spread and light up the lives of others. So come on…shine with me!  🙂


Ever wonder where the Great Egyptian Pyramids came from? Or why there are so many triangles in business logos, on American currency and in the music industry? Have you ever heard of The Illuminati? How much do you know about The Freemasons? Have you ever heard of The Jesuits? I hadn’t. Do you know who runs this world? The Prince of The Air on top of course…and the Vatican… Not everything is what it seems in this world.

Superficial: “appearing to be true or real only until examined more closely.”

Ask JESUS to open your eyes and be awakened to the Truth and to the real world that you are living in. You will never be the same. Even if you are born again, there is vast knowledge for you to realize. So many questions you’ve always had about life and the things you never understood about this world and how it operates will be revealed to you. Ask, seek, and knock my friend. †

Did you know that there’s just as much acting on CNN, FOX, MSNBC, and all mainstream/government controlled news media? All the world really is a stage. Google Albert Pike. World War 3 is coming. These wicked people have had this planned for a super long time. A New World Order. Thing is, it lines up with The Word of God, The Holy Bible. For example, check out Revelation chapter 13. We are on the precipice of the final 7 years of Tribulation. All hell is about to break loose upon this earth for 7 years, then Jesus will come back with His Church or Bride (The faithful Christian Believers that were raptured just before this 7 year period began). It’s time for the Church to exit and The Antichrist to be ushered in. The Holy Spirit inside of all the Believers and true Children of God is what’s holding the evil one from being revealed. Once God’s People are taken from the earth, darkness will dominate. You think it’s bad now? Cry out to Jesus TODAY!

Don’t wait.


Lying and Deceiving Spirits. Words of Wisdom

This is so true! I’m sure most Christians or a lot don’t even think about these things. I believe this will really bless you, Child of God, in your walk with The Lord!  †

Hallelujah, I’m Alive!

Praise God.

Jesus spared me when I was so far out, so far gone. There’s no love like the love of Jesus.

These Are The Days that I Will Remember When My Name is Called on The Roll

A thought came to me unexpectedly as I sat in the midst of all my twisted troubles tonight.

Don’t get caught up in all of these things. This is all temporary. Do not be distracted, or be consumed by your emotions. It’s almost reaping time. You’re going home.

The longer time goes on the more I realize that this world is not my home.

Basically this means that I am not settled in here, comfortably embracing it all. Looking forward to what the next ten years hold, the purchase of our new home, or even this spring’s landscaping…I’m just beside myself. I woke up. I chose to take Jesus’ hand and come out of my lukewarm Christian state. So, as I slowly began giving it my all, to apply my faith and walk with Jesus full time…the eyes of my heart were opened. My plans are irrelevant.  With eyes wide open, I’m watching for Jesus now.

Regardless of your religious or spiritual stance, have you really taken a look at what’s going on in our world lately? Mainstream media, non-mainstream, magazines…countless sources, but are you getting the news? Even if you are blessed to live in a quiet, little town someplace, there’s so much chaotic activity under the sun right now. If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you know that I am a very positive-natured person. I’m not pushing negativity.


All sets of ears hear the news differently. What may be devastating and awful to one set, may still  be of dark matters to another, but yet hopeful in signs of deliverance. We’re watching and waiting for Jesus. Keeping up with current world events has made me more aware of the hour I’m living in. The Truth doesn’t appeal to everyone, but it will set you free.

Back to tonight…my weary spirit was collecting anxiety over life-stuff happening in my personal world right now.

The Holy Spirit gently reminded me to not be discouraged or distracted…

I don’t have to sit in my despair anymore. I have a HUGE reason to live. Amen ❤

I was miraculously healed of a strong gambling addiction, God saved my very life in some pretty dangerous Manic states, and I’ve experienced so many great things and dear blessings along the way. He is truly LOVE. Because our Creator is LOVE itself, we are able to love.

Hallelujah 🙂

Glory to the Lamb of God

God bless everyone tonight!

Hope Tonight

Tonight, as I was skimming through the Gospel of John, I came across verse 22 of Chapter 16, and felt a sense of relief come over me. The letters in red, the very Words of our Jesus called out to me tonight. I am so grateful for this verse of hope tonight, in a world full of uncertainty. God is our sustenance, He’s Everything. Our Rock. Jesus, the only true friend we can count on, guaranteed without fail. God the Father to the father-less…and Husband to the widow. Blessed be His Holy Name!

I put the text on a Background via Google.

Look up, dear ones…your redemption draweth nigh…

Talking to God.

I don’t have much to say right now. Perhaps I’ve poured out so much of me lately that I need to sit, and rest…with my empty vase.


The darkest cloud came upon my family and I this summer when my father passed away. Though he was in the ICU for a week, it was still devastating how everything happened so fast. Then, over a month later, mom lost the sight of her left eye to a stroke.

From one breath to another, life shifts. The dynamics of family change over time in our lives, just as with every type of relationship. My family is no longer the same. Though I lost my dad, on a positive note, I have gotten closer with my husband’s family. No one can fill a hole the size of your father. However, having more people to love in your life who really care about you is always awesome. After three months without him here on earth, I am slowly beginning to move on.

Today I returned to the morning walk that truly lifted my depression in a natural way this spring and brought about the fruits of amazing weight loss. God’s sunlight, the use of my legs, and some headphones with the mp3’s are all I need. I check the weather in the morning before I go out to be sure there will be no precipitation in the following few hours. Today was an opportunity not only weather-wise, but God-wise. God gave me this day to live on the earth that He created. To breathe every breath, taking all of life in. That’s what I did.

I made goals last night, and today I checked them off in my notebook. Tomorrow morning I see my new family doctor because of a change in insurance network, so my walking will probably be inside on the treadmill instead of outside, down the street in my little town. I had the choice to walk, or not walk or exercise at all. I chose to try to get back into the world of fitness today. I took a stand for my health and self esteem. I know its not always going to be easy, and I am not strong willed all of the time. I am still going to give it my all because I want to be my best ‘me’ now more than ever. I’ve worn my pain for 7 years now, a river of tears and so many pounds. This is not who I am destined to be.

My current situation does not define me. It does not define who I am. The way I look right now is not me. The body underneath these clothes is the carrier of my soul, which belongs to God. Therefor I will honor God in taking care of my body, His temple. These past few years I have come to really love life for what it is, and not what it has. Diamond rings, and other shiny things are no longer so valuable to me.

I have really been humbled by all of these experiences in my twenties. I am trying harder and I apply myself more, and have prayed more than ever…

In a world of confusion, depression, doubt, and fear, I held onto God. I’ve had periods of great wellness in this time. I have also had very dark ones involving Bipolar mania or hypo-mania. Whether I put myself in those situations knowingly or not, I prayed. I did not read the Bible, at all. I speak the truth. When I did attend Church I heard God’s Word, sang songs of praise, but have never been this open to Him, or surrendering. I know He holds the Universe, so I hold onto Him, and I am going to be okay. I really believe that my prayers and the prayers of others for me are why and how I made it out.

I never stopped talking to God In the name of Jesus, Whose Name is the only one by which we can be saved.

And this peace is free for all who thirst…


God bless.

Day 3 Bipolar Caffeine Detox & Some Divine Help

I feel like I am crawling around on the rails after being hit by a train.

Maybe I am finally learning my lesson. If something can take you sky high it sure can take you pretty darn low, too.

The eyes of my spirit are slowly beginning to open though. The emotional numbness that I get from Caffeine is beginning to wear off—a wee bit. This means my natural feelings are on their way back. The real me is on its way home. I am one spec closer to being able to make decisions and have them be accurate according to my soul and  the heart of me. I am a good person, but Caffeine turns me into someone I’m not. Being a Psychoactive Drug, especially consumed in larger quantities this time around, my moods have cycled rapidly and I’m sure I’ve acted out of anger too quickly at some point.

I’ve been praying for God to let me hear The Holy Spirit more clearly. I know that I am doing the right thing by cutting this harmful stimulant out of my life, but I’m also seeking Divine Help. I’ve asked The Father to let the Holy Spirit speak a little louder to me. I am seeking with open ears for guidance. I know He’s inside of me. I just never gave any of this the proper amount of recognition it deserves. So, I am opening myself up. I’m coming closer, and beginning to trust my God.

Before I began this detox, In a moment of despair and uncertainty, I Googled “How to trust God.”

“The secret lies in putting this truth into practice, by making it such a powerful theme in your life that you view every event, every sorrow, every prayer with the unshakable conviction that God is totally, spotlessly trustworthy.”

I found a little article that spoke to me. I know the Bible is The Truth, I just wanted to see what a search engine had to say. What would another Christian think? Clicking the quote will take you to my search result.

-More below from the article:

The Secret Behind This Secret

The secret lives within you: the Holy Spirit. Not only will he convict you of the rightness of trusting in the Lord, he’ll help you do it. It’s just too tough to do on your own.

Because the Holy Spirit knows you better than you know yourself, he’ll give you exactly what you need to make this change. He’s infinitely patient, so he’ll let you test this secret—trusting in the Lord—in little baby steps. He’ll catch you if you stumble. He’ll rejoice with you when you succeed.”

Finally… Let us all think on this:

“Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.”

-Proverbs 3:5-6

It’s hard living in a world like this when you’re waiting on the next one to be your real home…

I am praying for Israel, Ukraine, and everywhere else in the world that there is such war, such turmoil. Can it be much longer? God knows we are hanging on down here. He doesn’t want anyone to perish.

Basically, in accordance with my faith, I do not want to bring something into my body that affects my mind and everything so profoundly in a negative way that I would make the wrong decisions and winding up destroying a relationship or even my very own life (with poor choices).


…Choices just add up.