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God Has Your Tears, Precious One.

You’re not too far…

The Tears of the Righteous (Charles Lawson)



Misconceptions + Deception = Chaos

As followers of Christ, we’re struggling everywhere around the world. From the most life threatening struggles of physical persecution, to the ones that I know on a personal level (dealings with getting ready for Church). Clothes, my body, & presentation. My Bulimia acts are no longer around, but I am not healed. To live a happy life we must work on the quality of every day, from wake up, til going to sleep. There is no direct finish line to happy. It’s ongoing. We work daily on overcoming the evil one. Daily is the race to our desired Home with Jesus forever.

Driving along in the car tonight, I thought about some current situations in my life that need extra attention. These situations are part of not only my struggle, but part of the lives of others involved. The more I think of them, and then think of them in terms of being human and the trials of this life, it just all seemed silly. I was relieved I could finally smile about it! I see it for the learning experience that it really is. What can seem like the end to us can actually just be the deception of the Devil himself. In 2014, I have learned the following equation of the Soul.

Misconceptions + Deception = Chaos


No matter how dead you may feel inside with doubts, anxieties or fears that challenge your daily lives and your very faith, God is alive. When you suffer with Jesus, you suffer with purpose, because you are being unraveled and the goodness in you is slowly being revealed in a brighter way. If we really try our darnedest, no matter what, the carvings and thorns will all make us better for the Lord. A new creation. There is much to be done, much to sow, and the reaping is going to literally be out of this world!

Remember no matter what’s going on in your life, you are NOT over! You have much to live for right now! The power is in the present moment.

God bless everyone tonight!

You Aren’t Suffering In Vain

If you are reading this, perhaps the title caught your attention?

I share a message of truth, and a message of hope tonight.

For every scar, every battle lost, every tear… there is purpose.

Philippians 1:29 says “For unto you it is given in the behalf of Christ, not only to believe on Him, but also to suffer for his sake.

That day when every knee shall bow, and every tongue shall confess, you will reap your reward. Don’t give up. And no matter what, do not ever stop praying. God is listening right now, waiting for you to ask Him for even greater things. Let us pray boldly, and pray in faith believing. For if we cannot believe God to heal a headache, how can we believe Him to heal a cancer? He’s got this.

May the Lord be with you tonight and keep you always.


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God Is With You Now!

I’ve been going through a difficult time of transition lately, and saw this poster on a friend of mine’s Facebook page. It was just what I needed to be reminded of. I am not alone. Never. Praise Lord God Almighty for it, and Jesus Christ, His Son, who paid for it!

Living Out Recovery.

Living Out Recovery.

Struggle is the proof that you’ve not been conquered. Remember that whatever looks like BIG TROUBLE is really faith on its way to GREATNESS!!! When we want something we’ve never had, we must do something we’ve never done before.

It was very uncomfortable in the beginning, and beyond difficult. Special thanks to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, The Son of God, who paved the way for me. God forgave me for the abuse I inflicted upon myself, and healed my internal wounds of spirit. You can go to a doctor anywhere in the world and get medication for your sickness, but where can we find healing for what’s inside of us? The answer is from Jesus, The Son of God. I will always give Him all the credit for blessing me to get through all of this.

I guarantee you that Recovery is worth the effort it takes. If you’ve reached the end of your rope, make a knot and hang on!
May God bless you now and always,


Green Mucus Monster Wants the Best of ME!!!

Good afternoon from my world in central Kentucky! It happened. I got hit by the slimy, green mucus monster!!!

I have a sinus infection!!! Ahhhhh!

If you’ve ever had a sinus infection, you know what I’m talking about. The green mucus monster, the bloody nose from all the hard blowin’, the stopped up nose, the drippy nose, the sore throat that comes with all of the sinus drainage…A discomfort to your daily life.

So…I jumped on the problem! I headed down to the local Urgent Treatment Clinic at 8 a.m. this morning to be seen by a doc. and get a prescription for a helpful antibiotic. I left early, and was the first one seen today! What a blessing from God! In addition to this antibiotic that I am going to the pharmacy to pick up soon, I was instructed to take Zyrtec once daily to stop and prevent sinus drainage for the rest of this allergy season. I have some, and today is day 2 of that-hope this kicks in soon! Oh yeah, Since the first of the year, I have lost nearly 20 pounds! Yay!!! I have a long way to go to meet the medical weight/height guidelines for my weight and body mass. This made me feel better for a moment at least.

Anyways, I won’t be blogging much today-I feel like I just took a big beating by the green mucus monster! I am such a baby…I cannot handle the slightest form of any illness or pain. No wonder I’m not meant to bear children! lol… that would be the death of me. I just have a very low tolerance for pain and being sick.

So, please, please, if you are reading this, learn from my mistake. I’m asking you to go out and get a bottle of hand sanitizer to use when you’re out and have no access to your sink at home for a good wash. All of these sanitizers kill like 99.9% of germs. I think its worth a shot. Everyone’s immune system is different though and I know mine is very weak right now.

So, friends, guard yourselves! Get that hand sanitizer, and if you have allergy problems, avoid walking outside during allergy season-for us I don’t think everything is all bloomed out and settled until summer, so I am grateful for the treadmill!  I wish everyone a wonderful day! Cherish and appreciate your health when things are going smooth and there is no pain or discomfort, because you never know when the green mucus man could try and come after you! 😛

God bless!



Wow. That’s all I have to say…So much has happened in my universe as my world has been shaken never to be the same, just as it was five years ago when my dad had his double leg amputation. All around…the biggest uncertainty.  I guess it really is like what they say, you never really know what you’re made of until that point. The breaking point. The point of vulnerability and sweet surrender when you realize God is God and He is in control. We must learn to trust God…that’s where our next meal is going to come from, our much needed embrace and loving arms that are always open. All of these events in my life are centered around God because He is such a big part of it all and He is everything and everywhere. He has truly protected me my whole life and I owe my existence to Him.  Woe If I did not know Him.

My favorite song of all time is “Close My Eyes” by Mariah Carey. I’ve loved it since the first listen at age 14 in the eighth grade. Back then I had no idea how someday that song would mean so much to me, a melody in my soul. There was so much ahead of me that I could never predict. If you are unfamiliar with this song I really suggest you give it a listen. The music is beautiful and Mariah’s angelic vocals suit the entire piece note for note. “Guardian Angel, I sail away on an ocean with you by my side. Orange clouds roll by-they burn into your image and you’re still alive”–I always think of my Papaw Charlie at the part…Its just…I was so small and the world was so big. It still is, haha. I do not feel my age of 27, nearing thirty year by year. I died at 18 and was resurrected but a few years ago. I am not talking about my baptism (that was in 1999). All of those in my inner circle know what I mean. Perhaps because of all I missed and the timing, I may always feel so young.

Thinking of my mother brings tears to my eyes. Its almost like she came undone overnight .  Her wings were broken and she fell. Her body could no longer take the stress that she has been under for years out of the love for my dad. Seeing her this way pierces my heart, and thinking of my dad does just the same. He is now helpless and nothing like years ago, a powerful man of the CSX union, a businessman, a solid provider, strong as they come. Now he is bed-fast and slowly fading away…I know that hurts my sister and I, but its true. I am learning that this is all a part of life. I never, ever believed it would all come to this. My parents are both ill and in two separate places, with my sister and I apart as well. I need her so much. She is everything. I love you Sherri. You know me like no one else ever could.

I just want things to be okay. However, I do not forget the things that I still have and the things that are solid. My best friend Renee has always been there as we hold each others hands through the most uplifting and sometimes most frightening moments of life. She will always be a part of me. 17 years, Nae! And going strong, lol. I love you girl. I am also so, so very grateful for my family that I have here in Pikeville and all of their support, both blood and Church family by the blood of Christ. Thanks to all of you for your prayers and remembrance. You are all truly appreciated and mean so much to my family and I.

The way that we treat one another in this life and on this earth is our legacy. People remember us maybe not for exactly what we have said or done, but forever how we made them feel. My mom has made the biggest impression in my heart and molded me in a way that I feel is good, if I stay true to her example. I know I will make her and dad proud. My life is totally different than the one I described in my high school “Senior Book”. I am not a psychologist, I do not live in an expensive house with an in-ground pool, and I have no children with my tubes tied. I ran into a larger than life roadblock at age 18 and it took years to climb over, but I did. Praise God for giving rest to the weary. I am so very blessed with a God-given husband: an answered prayer, and my other half…I love you Jeremiah!

I suppose I have kept you all long enough. It just really makes me feel so much better to vent in this blog. I have not written in so long due to lack of inspiration.  Tonight I will leave you with this: Close your eyes, steady your feet on the ground, and raise your head to the sky as time rolls by…just like in my song. Your heart is going to keep beating and you can find happiness as long as there’s breath in your body. I promise.