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My Favorite Song Ever…

Growing up, when I first heard this song in the eighth grade, in 1998 it spoke to my SOUL…in such a great way. Praise The LORD God ALMIGHTY! God knew why that song meant so much to me then.

Now, thanks to the moving of The Holy Spirit and His revealing of things, I understand why this song always resonated with me so well. More to come on that in the future as The Lord leads…Lord willing. I pray this blesses you..and the little girl in some of us..Amen.

Close My Eyes
By   Mariah Carey

I was wayward child
With the weight of the world
That I held deep inside
Life was a winding road
And I learned many things
Little ones shouldn’t know

But I closed my eyes
Steadied my feet on the ground
Raised my head to the sky
And though time’s rolled by
Still feel like that child
As I look at the moon
Maybe I grew up
A little too soon

Funny how one can learn
To grow numb to the madness
And block it away
I left the worst unsaid
Let it all dissipate
And I try to forget

But I closed my eyes
Steadied my feet on the ground
Raised my head to the sky
And though time’s rolled by
Still feel like that child
As I look at the moon
Maybe I grew up
A little too soon

Nearing the edge
Oblivious I almost
Fell right over
A part of me
Will never be quite able
To feel stable
That woman-child falling inside
Was on the verge of fading
Thankfully I
Woke up in time

Guardian angel I
Sail away on an ocean
With you by my side
Orange clouds roll by
They burn into your image
And you’re still alive

But I closed my eyes
Steadied my feet on the ground
Raise my head to the sky
And though time rolls by
Still feel like a child
As I look at the moon
Maybe I grew up
A little too soon

A sharp sting and dull ache at the same time.

Earlier today, while looking through the guest bedroom, I happened to glance up at an old, framed family photo. A thousand memories flooded my mind. The contrast between everything I know today…and who and where we were back then…is just jaw-dropping. Oh, how everything has changed. I’ve heard that my whole life, but this morning it really sunk in.

Of course, people change throughout their lives, one stage to the next. A sharp sting and a dull ache at the same time. The troubles we knew then were nothing compared to the ones to come. Gazing at myself in the picture, my tiny 16 year old body…frail inside and out, I recalled all I was dealing with at the time in high school. Rejection. Bulimia. Becoming a Christian. The successes in extracurricular activities. My broken heart. Comparison, comparison. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be a teenager attending public school in today’s world…

Now, here I sit a strong woman of God. I’m no different than any other Christian, just trying to live the rest of my days faithful to Jesus, to God. My heart goes out to that confused and broken girl. In the end it was all in my head. Yes, I had some real issues to be tended to, but so much deception by the enemy himself as I chose Jesus. I didn’t know about spiritual warfare. At least not how real it really is.

Choosing Jesus is the best thing you could ever do. People won’t always understand why you’ve changed…how you changed. Your lifestyle, goals, worldview. Following Jesus means walking the straight & narrow road, traveled by few. Sometimes you feel alone, especially if you have no support at home. But you see, in this wilderness...you are transformed. In what seems to be the darkness, something beautiful happens. You find out who you are. That you were made for more. You are a Child of God.


These Are The Days that I Will Remember When My Name is Called on The Roll

A thought came to me unexpectedly as I sat in the midst of all my twisted troubles tonight.

Don’t get caught up in all of these things. This is all temporary. Do not be distracted, or be consumed by your emotions. It’s almost reaping time. You’re going home.

The longer time goes on the more I realize that this world is not my home.

Basically this means that I am not settled in here, comfortably embracing it all. Looking forward to what the next ten years hold, the purchase of our new home, or even this spring’s landscaping…I’m just beside myself. I woke up. I chose to take Jesus’ hand and come out of my lukewarm Christian state. So, as I slowly began giving it my all, to apply my faith and walk with Jesus full time…the eyes of my heart were opened. My plans are irrelevant.  With eyes wide open, I’m watching for Jesus now.

Regardless of your religious or spiritual stance, have you really taken a look at what’s going on in our world lately? Mainstream media, non-mainstream, magazines…countless sources, but are you getting the news? Even if you are blessed to live in a quiet, little town someplace, there’s so much chaotic activity under the sun right now. If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you know that I am a very positive-natured person. I’m not pushing negativity.


All sets of ears hear the news differently. What may be devastating and awful to one set, may still  be of dark matters to another, but yet hopeful in signs of deliverance. We’re watching and waiting for Jesus. Keeping up with current world events has made me more aware of the hour I’m living in. The Truth doesn’t appeal to everyone, but it will set you free.

Back to tonight…my weary spirit was collecting anxiety over life-stuff happening in my personal world right now.

The Holy Spirit gently reminded me to not be discouraged or distracted…

I don’t have to sit in my despair anymore. I have a HUGE reason to live. Amen ❤

I was miraculously healed of a strong gambling addiction, God saved my very life in some pretty dangerous Manic states, and I’ve experienced so many great things and dear blessings along the way. He is truly LOVE. Because our Creator is LOVE itself, we are able to love.

Hallelujah 🙂

Glory to the Lamb of God

God bless everyone tonight!

I Bet He’d Understand a Heart Like Mine…

Check this out, people! If you love Miranda Lambert, you must!

EPIC Live performance…This song is very inspiring and connects us all!

We don’t have to be perfect.

A Heart Like Mine…

So many times in life I have felt misunderstood. For a very long time I felt I wasn’t good enough-I let other people, particularly teenage boys, tell me my worth. I felt fat and hideous. In reality, I was very, very beautiful- and radiant. I watched a couple of home videos the other night, dreading the on-screen-me. It was as plain as day in my mind the chubby teen I would see. Upon watching these clips I sat in shock. I had no idea I looked like this! I was far smaller than I imagined. I most definitely have been dealing with true Body Dysmorphic Disorder all my life. If only I could go back and live it over, knowing everything I had going for me… But I choose to focus on the road ahead now. I’ve been changed.

Adolescence was so difficult. Looking back, of course I now know that I was undiagnosed with Bipolar disorder. Even as far as 3rd grade I can recall being very depressed. In the midst of all of that I had no clue there was a far brighter future for me. I am sure if that truth existed then it does even now. There is more. I am sure of it.

So… In case you haven’t read yet…

There’s this song by country singer Miranda Lambert called “Heart Like Mine” in which she sings about being far from perfect but having confidence that Jesus understands. I suppose it can be taken in different ways, but for me this song is not about saying its okay to drink a lot or whatever. This song is how I feel. Liberated. Somebody finally gets me! Jesus once walked this earth in human form.

Watch Miranda share her take on the song and perform it in a private acoustic session.

Lyrics below.

“Heart Like Mine”

I ain’t the kind you take home to mama
I ain’t the kind to wear no ring
Somehow I always get stronger
When I’m on my second drinkEven though I hate to admit it
Sometimes I smoke cigarettes
The Christian folks say I should quit it
And I just smile and say “God Bless”Cause I heard Jesus He drank wine
And I bet we’d get along just fine
He could calm a storm and heal the blind
And I bet He’d understand a heart like mineDaddy cried when he saw my tattoo
But said he loved me anyway
My brother got the brains of the family
So I thought I’d learn to singCause I heard Jesus He drank wine
And I bet we’d get along just fine
He could calm a storm and heal the blind
And I bet He’d understand a heart like mine

I’ll fly away from it all one day
And I’ll fly away
These are the days that I will remember
When my names called on a roll
He’ll meet me with two long-stemmed glasses
And make a toast to me coming home

Cause I heard Jesus He drank wine
And I bet we’d get along just fine
He could calm a storm and heal the blind
And I bet He’d understand
Understand a heart like mine
Oh yes He would



A Heart Like Mine…

I’m feeling this tonight.

Lyrics to Heart Like Mine by Miranda Lambert.

So here it is…


-Image via Yahoo

Looking Up: We Can Overcome The Pain.

Distractions keep us from living our best, from thriving and carrying out God’s plan for our lives.

When we’re busy hating our bodies, our jobs or lack of a job, financial situations, and whatever circumstances life may bring, we miss out. Precious time slips out of our hands. Every moment, every memory and all gifts from above can go unnoticed and under-appreciated. Looking down at the ground when you’re holding a grudge can delay your miracle, your blessing. Instead we must look up.

Looking up into the sky and its various cloud shapes, breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, at the greatness of the mountains, and intimidation of the oceans and waters of this world, we can see Him. There’s evidence all around us and wherever we may travel on the earth that there is something bigger than we.

Today I am praying for a calming over my mind, body, and spirit. Worrying sometimes can really make anxiety grow. It’s beyond comforting to know that there is God, and He can wrap His arms around us all, with such a healing embrace. Sometimes, when I think of it, at night and something’s on my mind, in prayer, when its just me and the pillow in the dark, I ask Him to hold me, and just cradle me with love. I always sleep the best when I do this! 🙂

I see and feel God’s love, and I just wanted to share it with you. The greatest gift I’ve ever received was the gift of the Truth. The great news that God’s Son Jesus came to earth and lived as a human being, and still in these days knows exactly what it feels like to hurt, and even to cry.

*image via Google

-God bless!