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Endtimes Dream: Where Are The Ones That Belong To Me?

Prophetic Word About Oprah and 2020

God Warns Us In Advance Of Things To Come! Prophecy Fulfillment Update

Via Minister Paul YouTube Chanel

Prophetic Warning: God’s Anger Is In The Wind – Prepare To Walk Among The Thorns!

via Minister Paul YouTube Channel

This video is about a very specific prophecy from 7 days ago coming to pass right before our eyes with proof and verifiable evidence. It also gives a new prophecy that should be heeded. The prophecy is to sinners who have not been Saved by Jesus and Born Again. Part of this prophecy is also a promise that God will protect His people from His Wrath. Please Have A Listen, Pray And Share This Everywhere For The Glory Of God. His Anger Is Kindled Against False Prophets.


9-27-17 Prophetic Warning Message: “Repent Before The 2nd Event!”

It’s The Timing Of It All, In Jesus Name, Amen.

-Via Minister Paul YouTube channel

Mysterious Weather Across The World. Does it scare you?


Jesus is coming any moment now! Do you know Him Personally as your LORD and SAVIOR? Today is the day of Salvation. You are loved more than you could ever know. Don’t be left behind for what’s about to happen. Jesus loves you. Choose to respond now.

911 Red Flag Will Lead To False Flag CONFIRMED! Saudi Fighter Jets Over USA! #GetWoke

Via Minister Paul YouTube Channel


Solar Eclipse 2017


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Lawlessness Abounds! New World Order primed and ready! JESUS is the ONLY way out!

Bible Prophecy happening before your eyes. Lawlessness abounding. The love of many has wax cold. Divide and conquer-The New World order is being polished. There are higher ups behind all this people. Do not be deceived. Pray for people involved to not perish in their sins. Jesus is THE ONLY way out from what’s about to bust out worldwide!


Watchman Warning: Act Of War – Earthshaking – MO – Spain – California ALERT!

Watchman Warning: Act Of War – Earthshaking – MO – Spain – California ALERT!