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Helping Our Persecuted Brothers & Sisters in Christ Around The World

This Go Fund Me Campaign was organized by our Brother in Christ and Bishop Henry Bhatti Farhad of Pakistan and I on behalf of the persecuted Christians in Thailand who are seeking Asylum. My heart goes out to the Children of God in foreign countries where what i consider true persecution is happening 24/7 like with ISIS and stuff. Christians are willing to die for their Faith in The Lord Jesus in the worst of areas. I pray we will all have the courage to not deny His Name, remember Peter? Praise The Lord for strengthening them by His Spirit and for what He is doing in the last days! God is good even in the darkest of places.

 I must admit I have been so caught up in the daily drama of my life and cares, worrying about the problems I am personally dealing with every day, while praying for others here and there. I cannot fathom the type of Brotherly love in Christ that Apostle Paul shared in all of his letters. There are different ways to bear one another’s burdens. In this case financial help is an awesome way to get involved with actual Believers in The Lord Jesus living the life that most of us only see on the news or read about online. I am very grateful that The Lord God Almighty has brought Brother Farhad and I together. This blesses me in so many ways because for a long time I was praying for the persecuted Church that are involved in all of these terrible sufferings and struggles for their faith, but now I am actually connected with them and it is all the more real to me. Praise God in Jesus Name!

Hebrews 13:3 (KJV)

 Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them; and them which suffer adversity, as being yourselves also in the body.


Galatians 6:2 (KJV) Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ.

Please pray about this and if you feel led by The Spirit of God, help as you can. Thank you for all of your prayers for the persecuted Brothers and Sisters in Thailand. Together in intercession we can move mountains, Hallelujah!


More than 2000 Christian families are suffering in Thailand because of their faith in Christ. Thailand Government did not sign for protecting UNHCR conference charter for Asylum seekers. Immigration of Thai arrested all those seekers who have expiry visa (overstay). Christian Asylum seekers who came to seek Asylum in Thailand after saving their lives from country due to faith in Christ, discrimination, persecution, forced conversation, burning of Christian colonies and Churches.
Now more than 150 Christian men and women are in Immigration Detention Center (Jail) due to overstay because Immigration did not accept UNHCR card of Asylum Seekers. Detention center’ condition is very miserable inwardly. Asylum seekers had become patients of kinds of psychological and physical diseases, 6 -7 deaths had been happened inside detention Center due to improper food, long suffering in Thailand in helpless, they have no future under umbrella of UNCHR in Thailand. Even UNHCR did not support for food and rent of rooms where these Asylum seekers are living in different places.
Even government did not allow Asylum seeker to do job for survival. It is pathetic situation for Christian Asylum seekers in Thailand. Some churches tried to help them for food and rent fortnightly or monthly. Many people could not reach to church due to expiry of visa. They had been closed in their rental rooms. They have no survival. They need food and rental cost for survival. These are more than 100 families.
Now some generous heart rich man of God paid for visa extension to meet their families and take care of their in Detention center. But there is no still solution to release Christian Asylum seekers from detention center. When I came to visit in 2015 as missionary to encourage them to be strong in faith, they were in miserable condition to survive. But now when I came in 2017 to know about condition of immigration Detention Center in Thailand, They are extremely suffering due to injustice of UNCHR and Thai Government for basic rights as human for last many years, needs of life and rental of room with bills. Most of time, they cannot go to Church due to strict law of Thai Government. I decided to extend my visa to stay for encouraging Christian Asylum seekers, helping them, I need your support as self – supportive missionary for Jesus Christ, servant of God, I am living in home church, sleeping on the floor. Let us help Christian nation to be strong in Christ.
Help, donate us to help Christian Asylum seekers for survival and be blessed and fight good fight of faith in CHRIST as Apostle Paul said (1 Tim 6:12)

-Testimony from Bishop Henry Bhatti Farhad. All proceeds go directly to the aid of persecuted Christians.