God’s Plan…

God's Plan...

No matter who you are, where you are, how you are, or where you come from, God above has a plan for you! Even if you do not believe, I seriously think that He has big things in store for us all! My faith has recently been amplified as I have been spending time putting more healthy and positive messages and things into my mind. As a result I am feeling better, my depression has ceased, I don’t let little things bother me, and I know that end the end all that’s left of us is how we treated people while we were here on earth. Regardless of your religion, your legacy lies in your deeds on earth in life.

In 2007 my dad had both legs amputated due to some issues with Diabetes etc.. and these last 6 years have been very difficult for my family and I. I will truthfully admit that during this time I have been selfish, angry, frustrated, hateful, and at war with myself in my own personal struggles when I could have been looking back at my dad and seeing just how blessed I really am. While I was busy procrastinating projects, going places with friends or the grocery, cooking, cleaning, or even washing my hair, my dad had been just ‘lying there’ in his bed at home and later a nursing home in my hometown. In fact, he’s ‘lying there’ tonight. He has dementia. My point? I now count my blessings. My life is forever changed. Each day do one good thing for someone, be a blessing, live out your life’s plan. God has given us all free will to accept Him or not…and I simply just encourage you with nothing but kind intentions. I totally respect your own personal faith, beliefs, and such. We are all unique, but please take heed to this challenge.

I did not make this graphic/image, It was shared on my Facebook newsfeed and I became very inspired by it. I feel like I can really make a difference in sharing this because we all need something to hope for, dream for, believe in and encouraging one another is the best thing we can do!

Our pet Cockatiel J-Bird’s First Shower!

Our pet Cockatiel J-Bird's First Shower!

Everyone who knows me knows that I am a major animal lover, especially birds. I am so fascinated with exotic birds in the parrot family and such. So, my hubby and I got a baby Cockatiel around a year ago. It has turned out to be a moody little booger. We are sure it is a girl based on behavior etc… This pic was taken the night my husband got in our shower with his clothes on and put J-Bird on his shoulder. J-Bird absolutely loved the shower. He stretched out his neck and closed his eyes and soaked up every minute of it!

Unusual cloud activity and an amazing fall sky!

Unusual cloud activity and an amazing fall sky!

I captured this really cool photo on my I Phone a few months ago. I shared it on my local weatherman’s Facebook page and he shared it on the local news’ page! I was a celebrity for a day with nearly 500 likes, haha. Really, that’s beside the point. I am just amazed at the beauty of all creation our Lord God Almighty has made!!! Amazingly breathtaking! I can’t wait to see Jesus in those clouds! 🙂

P!nk, Just Like A Pill, LIVE in Louisville Kentucky 2013, fan video

OMG I love this song!

Nightmares and lessons learned. I remember clawing at the walls on the acute side…screaming into my pillow..was it possible to smother yourself??? Then I remembered all the words. “I can’t stay on your life support-there’s a shortage in the switch, I can’t stay on your Morphine cuz its makin me itch! I tried to call the nurse again but she’s being a lttle B****…I think I’ll get out of here…where I can run!!!! Just as fast as I can to the middle of NOWHERE-to the middle of my FRUSTRATED FEARS. And, I swear, you’re just like a pill! ‘Steada makin’ me better, you keep makin’ me ill!!”

Ever been in a relationship where your significant other (or yourself) drives you up the freakin wall? The passion and the pain… So much frustration…more harm than help? Haha…I love this song: Just Like A Pill by P!nk. This was a significant anthem to my youth over ten years ago and continued to be for various reasons over time, and is now a favorite more than ever!!! The best part is, I got to sing my favorite part LIVE with P!nk (from the audience) as I was in the audience in Louisville, Kentucky at her Truth About Love Tour! We had seats close to the stage, which made for excitement, but the lighting angles and such weren’t the best for photos where we sat so…my hubby made videos! We have a bunch. This is my favorite. This is the only one I am in. LOL I can now rest as I check seeing P!nk live off my bucket list! 😉

I did not know my husband was going to turn around and put the camera on me! I was getting down, and very much in the moment! So much, in fact I am actually sharing this with you despite what you may think of me. YOLO baby, YOLO.


P!nk, “Are We All We Are?” Live!!!

P!nk, “Are We All We Are?” Live!!!

My fan-made vid. taken live in Louisville, Kentucky in March of this year. The hubby and I had a blast!!! This was the best song for me other than Just Like A Pill (Which is my all time fave P!nk anthem!!!) because she came over to the side of the stage where we were seated which would have been the best and only time to get some great pics from the show, but you know I just said “Screw it!” cuz I wanted to soak it in. Plus it was such a dream-like experience as I had been a fan for like 12 or 13 years and had always longed to see her in person. She was always my hero, my idol in high school. Her music has always timed just right to be a soundtrack to my life and helped me make it through some really tough disturbing, strange and scary times…heh. To sum it up, she rocks and I have lived vicariously through her over a long period of time, haha!!!

Always tomorrow…

Ever catch yourself saying, “I’m going to start my diet over tomorrow” and then the next day find the same phrase coming out of your mouth once more? I am starting over tomorrow. Again. This is actually not part of my typical all or nothing thinking which is always tends to consume my eating disordered mind. Though I no longer binge or purge/engage in harmful eating disordered activity, its all there upstairs. My mind is still unchanged. I didn’t lose the weight in my mind when I lost the weight the last time. Then when tragedy struck my family and my life, I packed on some pounds. This time, I will lose the weight in my mind at the same time I drop it from my body. You cannot enjoy all you have worked for if any baggage lingers in your mind.

I believe that I can do this again. I know I can. I will lose the weight. My genetics are against me. So is the broken toe on my left foot. I really need to be active right now! Grrrr!!! I will admit I have been quite frustrated over all this. So much for losing max pounds for holiday time! Hahaha… Bad habits, and access to high calorie foods via my husband are also negative influences. Regardless, this is up to me. When I make my mind up, it is definitely up. Right now I just cannot get it made…until tomorrow.

To all my peoples who struggle with weight-loss or any habits or addictions that create drama, and cause problems for you, negative emotions, and then you feel helpless…Just know you are absolutely not alone in this world! Do not give up. There’s always tomorrow…do not let the sun go down with a defeated heart though. You got to be like the singer Pink and ‘get up and try’. She is totally fit. I saw her live. She is like the best example of a fit female in my opinion-One that works out a lot. She lifts, dances her butt off, etc…she looked great live. What a way to go after having a baby! (Although, there is absolutely NOT just ONE perfect ideal female body. We are all beautiful, and unique, ladies!!!)

Now I am in the mood to post some live music… Here’s P!nk live from Louisville, Kentucky in March of this year performing “Just Give Me A  Reason.” What a treat 😉

I’m out. Peace.

Staying up Late.

What are you doing up at this hour??? It is way past your bedtime! You will lose your mind if you do not get your 7 hours, you know-And I always thought that those 7 hours had to be somewhere between 10 and 8 am…but that’s not the case. As long as you get your 7 hours you will not lose your mind. Good, clean, uninterrupted sleep. But, “Whoa!” You say. Some of the most creative, genius human beings that ever lived were totally sleep deprived. Maybe. Well, I at least know they were a little on the different side. Vincent Van Gogh was Bipolar. His work “Starry Night” is my most favorite painting in the world. Its like a little glimpse into the mind of this girl…woman. A girl inside.


Maybe its the swirls, the colors, or the insinuated lines. Whatever the case, this piece really speaks to me, and many, many others as well.

I should be asleep, but I hate going to bed alone. I am tired. It doesn’t make sense, you know? What is the point in getting in bed now when I have absolutely nothing to do tomorrow??? Whatever. Screw it. Better things await me in my dreams anyways. My head hurts. I need some Ibuprofen. No more complaining! Haha…

Anyways, maybe I will paint a marvel someday. I want to get back into oils. I love art, but seriously lack the patience it takes to produce it. Maybe someday I will be a marvel. Maybe I am a marvel. Maybe I just don’t have it all figured out yet.

Finding my Christmas Spirit…

Hello peoples, I hope this blog finds you in the holiday spirit, merry and bright! I am in a great mood, and feeling so grateful and happy, with so much to say, so I threw my fingers to the keyboard, and I am on my way! Haha…

What’s your favorite Christmas movie if you have one? (Whether you celebrate Christmas or not). Mine is most definitely The Grinch. I watch it every year!!! The cartoon version, the original really, really rocks my socks off!

This evening I have been listening to Kelly Clarkson’s new holiday album “Wrapped In Red” and it is now my most favorite Christmas album ever!!! I have been a Kelly fan for a long time, but this album just hits the spot! You can really tell Kelly has found love and is very happy. My most played song of them all is “Winter Dreams, (Brandon’s song)”. You can really feel the fire that burns in her heart for him on this track. I feel the same way about my husband, Jerry. This is our 6th Christmas together, and I cannot believe how time flies! We met in 2008, married 6 months later in 2009 and here we are today! Though this is the most challenging Christmas my family and I have ever faced as we are all scattered about and cannot be together as one (when I say family I mean both my parents and sister) and it is heartbreaking, I am still able to find a sense of the Christmas spirit. My hubby bought a new Christmas tree, lights, bulbs, tree skirt, and topper for our first Christmas in this house! He also bought those little fake candles you put in the window and made a wreath for the door.

Our Christmas tree is on a timer and is lit from 12 noon to midnight, and this may sound corny, but I look forward to seeing it every day.


Red is my favorite color now. I just love Christmas. 😛

For me Christmas is not just about remembering the birth of Jesus Christ as a Christian. As Christians, we are supposed to celebrate Jesus all of the time and partake of the Lord’s supper on Sunday’s in remembrance. I respect everyone’s beliefs and opinions, but to me, I think that Christmas is about family, friends, or loved ones. A gathering. That’s pretty universal though I suppose. You do not have to follow any religion for that. I do not find it necessary to give gifts, and prepare a meal, but to create tradition, a meaning. Growing up my parents always made Christmas special by staging the whole ‘Santa was here and had the cookie crumbs on a plate by the tree, reindeer prints in the snow’, the whole nine yards. I was blessed. However, my world was torn apart when my dad lost both of his legs in 2007/2008. Christmas has never been the same… Once again, I must say, my husband Jeremiah rode in on a Silver Mustang convertible that Christmas and changed my life forever. I will never be the same… I truly believe the Lord above sent him not only as a life-mate, a soulmate, but a comforter. We each have something each other needs from one another. I draw peace from him. His very presence makes all the difference.

ImageMy other half…He’s the green and I am the red..

Christmas Past Memories…more to come later…Peace guys. I am headed to sleep…sweetest of dreams to all of you! God bless!

Fatsecret.com Review and More…

My ‘fat secret’…

Mornin’ ya’ll!

I woke up @ 5 a.m. this morning and made Cinnabon Cinnamon rolls for my hubby and I. I had 2 of them and some lemon-lime soda. I only mentioned that because I just logged my food on this super awesome website called FatSecret, which you can visit and create your own profile in efforts to maximize your attempts to lose weight at:


I created my account about a year ago, but due to neglect, a few minor injuries, etc.. I just stopped. However, after picking things back up and getting on the site, becoming an active participant, I am doing better with my food intake, watching calories (which is not hard because the food lookup tool has virtually every food there is in this world and counts the calories for you-or on occasion you may enter your own manually) and have been drinking a lot more water! I was drinking milk on occasion just to have something different but I am lactose intolerant so that was a bad idea…but it just tastes so good! I will not be drinking anymore Special K Protein Shakes, milk, eating yogurt etc… ever-after the painful reaction I had. I won’t take you there. Hahahah… For me, beginning the whole water substitution thing was very difficult, but my pants are very, very slowly getting a wee bit bigger. I am hopeful. Oh yeah, also, the website will send you weightloss goal reminders via email every 2 weeks or however often if you set a goal up on your page! Actually, I think getting an email from them that said ‘only 80 pounds to go’ opened my eyes, and really, really motivated me!!! 😉

I am not turning this blog into a weightloss documentary…I promise. Those are pretty neat. However, this is a matter that is extremely important to me, and really affects me and my every day life…so I guess you could say that its a part of me. This is who I am, and what I am dealing with, therefor stuff like that will be mentioned from time to time. My overall goal though for this page is to inspire others with my own struggles and positive experiences, goals, and ideas. That was why I originally began ‘Caged No More’ which is formally ‘Life Surge’ if you remember. Venting in a blog is a great thing to do, sharing is awesome, but to me, if I can inspire you, or uplift you in any way, then I have achieved my purpose. ;D


Prayer and Meditation…

I believe that it is vital to have something to believe in, something to stand for, a comfort, a refuge. Personally, I believe that Jesus Christ is The Son of the living God, The true Messiah, and that Christ died for our sins so that we may have everlasting life…and this is our hope, our salvation. I am not imposing my beliefs on anyone. I believe also that we are all human, we are all equal, no one is better than anyone else, we are all on a journey with our own experiences, our own stories and who am I to question yours? Exactly. I find peace through prayer and meditation in my own personal life. Prayer is different for everyone I suppose, but for me, I talk to God like he is a person, who longs to have a relationship with me, cares, and is available 24/7 to listen to all of my problems, worries, and hear me give thanks for all He has done for me in my life, the opportunities, and blessings like family, friends, etc.. I have found that in speaking to God all throughout the day on and off, silently or aloud when I am alone, I generally have a better day! The best day that I can remember recently was one where I stayed in a constant state of prayer and thanksgiving. I am not Oprah or Deepak Chopra, but I have a few good philosophies and ideas up my own sleeve. 😉 Rawr.

In mediation, personally, I do not use music or background sound a lot because I am very much a music freak and this distracts me. For me, mediation is simply sitting alone, trying to get to the core of my being and dwell there for a bit.






I strongly encourage EVERYONE to create a list of goals, and actually write them down on paper, or put them into your phone, tablet, PC or whatever. I think that when you can SEE what you want to accomplish you are more apt to actually accomplish it. I also believe that having little reminders around to encourage you along your journey is a great idea as well. For example, I have an old former driver license photo from about 4 dress sizes ago that is now taped to my monitor. Man, this is like the best place to put a weight-loss encouraging pic or anything else!!! Especially if your are a computer freak like myself. You can put Post-it notes there, up around the house, or a place like by your bathroom mirror, and as long as you actually read them and “see them” (Which I say because I can even have my walls covered in motivating things and ideas and not truly ‘see them’.) they will benefit you! Perhaps you have your own personal photos, icons, or quotes that really get you going and ignite the passion, the fire inside of yourself! Just do some soul-searching, brainstorming, and think on it. What really makes you tick???

Here’s what I have to say about having goals:

  • Creating goals for yourself really opens your eyes to the present. You can truly see where you currently stand and where you would like to be-in any area of your life!
  • Even if you do not actively write or record them someplace, just pinpoint what it is you want. Set focus. Once you have established this, I think you may sleep better at night…
  • Goals can be shared. Get your friends, family, co-workers, fellow students, anybody on board with ya. Find someone or others with common interests and you might even boost your chances of achieving your dreams, or at least accomplishing them faster. I think peer support can really make a difference. Simply having a support system in general is a tremendously effective tool in the world of achieving goals!
  • Give yourself a pat on the back! Praise yourself for those small changes, and baby steps that lead toward the big finish. You deserve it!
  • Having something to work for, work on, work toward keeps us going. It can make a world of difference anytime in life. When you are struggling you can keep your mind busy…


What’s Your Passion For Today?

When you woke up, what was the first thing on your mind? We all have our troubles, disturbing or pleasant dreams, daily tasks and events to think on…I am just curious as to what makes you want to get up and give it a go? For some people who are struggling with things like clinical depression, or are going through transitions whether they be painful or not, Gasp, and then the feet hit the floor. Find your passion. You do not have to find your lifeslong purpose in one day. Not today…not necessary. Just find a reason to smile. A reason to celebrate today. You woke up, your heart is beating, you are reading this, you are alive, and you have been given another shot. So smile, my friend!


I love writing. I love pouring my soul out…letting it flow.  I would probably get a lot more done with this blog if I could bring myself to more silence and turn this music off…I concentrate and my mind works better in silence when attempting to work on things.



There’s your daily dose of positivity from ME!!!



And I'll never be the same