Mental Health Support Community

Welcome to Mental Health Support Community 

We want all to have the opportunity to share.GIVE BACK:
We often benefit by offering support to others by sharing in our own struggles, triumphs, and experiences.WHAT IS SHARED HERE STAYS HERE:
This is the principle of confidentiality and must be respected by all.DIFFERENCES OF OPINIONS ARE OKAY:
We are all entitled to our own point of view.

Accept all cultural, linguistic, social, and racial differences and promote their acceptance.

Use “I” in support group language:
We do not participate in our support group as Professionals, we do not instruct, or advise. However we share in our own experiences. Only we know what is best for our own health “along with our doctor’s instructions.”

It’s okay not to share:
People may just read, you do not have to share if you do not want to.

It’s everyone’s responsibility to make the group’s discussion a safe haven to share:
We respect confidentiality, treat each other with kindness, and show compassion.


The GOAL of Mental Health Support Community is that with Professional Help, “Support” greatly increases the chance of individuals suffering from Mental Illness to either begin or continue on their way to, or through Recovery. Along with your Medically approved Treatment, we hope you Meet, Greet, Share, and Support with Others who are dealing with the same struggles that come along when dealing with  Mental Health and Wellness  Illness! 

The Mission of Mental Health Support Community is to limit the harm that a Mental Health Diagnosis can inflict by offering Peer Support through this Network; by Connecting People around the World to one another in order to share your own Fears, Medication Management, and Possible Side Effects, Therapy, Joys, and Sorrows!

If you have been Diagnosed with any Mental Health Disorder we Welcome you to this Peer Support Community / Group. We offer you to give and gain Peer Support through your Journey of Symptoms, Triggers, Treatment, and Recovery. We encourage you to share your Journey of Therapy and Form a Friendship with Others who are battling the same fight that you are!





2 thoughts on “Mental Health Support Community”

  1. Thanks ((((MANDY)))) u r the bestest. I also have 8 chat rooms from bipolar room, depression, anxiety room etc… we have a lot of members about 12 in the last five days so things are looking up u have a great day LOL sister Jan

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