Letters Against Depression

Letters Against Depression is a non profit organization ran by Founder & CEO Robert Mason

On the official website, Mason states “Earlier in life, I worked as a 911 Emergency Communications Officer / Dispatcher in Central Florida, and not a day would go by where I wouldn’t directly interact with someone who was afflicted with depression. Through these interactions, I found that many people suffering from depression feel terribly alone, so it has become my mission to deliver the message:

“You are not alone”

Mission & Vision (as stated on site)

We have a simple, but robust mission: to help people afflicted with depression. We do that by hand writing letters of support and inspiration, spreading the message that “You are not alone”

There are ways you can help by volunteering.

Donations are used to continue to help those in need.

Find Letters Against Depression on
Visit the OFFICIAL website to request a letter and more.
What a wonderful thing to do for another human being. We all need to be reminded of good things, positive words of encouragement. The time and effort, the energy put in, to show someone they are not alone…is priceless. I am very excited about this awesome Cause and encourage you to check it out, and please share.

Whatcha think?

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