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Attention to my fellow people who are living with Bipolar Disorder:

I’ve stumbled upon something that’s really important to me, and I thought I would share it with you as well in hopes that you too may participate and pass this blessing on to other people like us as well:

via Healthline:

The “You’ve Got This” Campaign for Newly Diagnosed Bipolar patients

This is where people who have Bipolar disorder share their experiences, insights, and everything with those that have just been diagnosed as Bipolar through a video clip for encouragement, hope, or inspiration.

Upload your video to YouTube and then fill out the fields below. We’ll review your submission and post it on to share with the community.

In addition to providing hope, participants should know that Healthline will donate $10 for every video created to the non-profit To Write Love on Her Arms
TWLOHA is a movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, and self-injury. Learn more about video submission.

Please share the news with as many as you can, and submit your own video if you are comfortable because it could really make a difference in the life of someone whose world has just been turned upside down.

-God bless

3 thoughts on “Share Your Story”

  1. WOW!!! :O
    You are a tough act to follow, girl! I absolutely loved it!!!!!! I wish that when the nightmare of Bipolar disorder first hit me that I had someone create that video and enlighten me/be a rainbow in my cloud like that. You are a blessing! I am so grateful for what you did to help, and I know so many other people are going to be blessed by your video! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! You are a very intelligent, beautiful woman! You ARE a rainbow in someone else’s cloud!
    God bless!!! 🙂

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