My Babies


Has it ever crossed your mind that animals are free therapy!?!?

Woot! They are! Whether it be sitting back and getting lost in the beauty of one of our salt tanks watching the fish swim or corals sway, with changing currents…seeing the fish all dart to the top at feeding time! I’m adding aquarium photos soon.



I love giving my pretty, yellow Cockatiel J-Bird head scratches while hanging with her on the couch. J-Bird bows her head and pushes her little bald spot (She’s a Lutino) in toward my hand for a nice, long massage or scratch. She lives for them! Technically, her name is Jazzy.


Our little, green Parakeet’s name is Rocky, but I call him Rock Man! He is super sweet, gives kisses and absolutely must dance when you turn on some music!



Finally, I must say that I am lost without our 2 “fur-babies” or Chihuahuas, Lou Lou and Bella.

Lou Lou



Lou Lou is one of the most humble, sweet, and friendly dogs you could ever meet! She would make a great therapy dog to take everywhere for comforting people and so on because she doesn’t see a stranger. Her tail seems to have an Energizer battery inside it.  She’s got amazingly soft, white fur with black ‘cow spots’ on her. I wanted to name her Moo Moo, but my husband didn’t like that so much, lol. This gal is always very eager to understand and learn. She is always turning her head around in response to dialogue, and it has never stopped and “Mommy’s Baby” comes every time I call her without fail… ❤



Bella (brown and white) is my soft, cotton ball! She is more in tune with my emotions, keeps  an eye on me and shows great concern when I am ill. My little sugar plumb runs to me when I am in a bad mood so I will play with her and become cheered up! Bella kisses away tears and dries them away with her soft cheeks. My precious girl!

Oh, the joy that all of God’s creatures bring to human beings!

curiousjbirdThe House Parakeet, MR. Rocky!

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