Wacky Dream 2.19.2017

Wow!!! Boy did I ever have a wacky dream! I woke up laughing so hard from the last scene where Jerry and I were stuck in traffic and discussing things. There was a major power outage, even on the roadway. What I remember last was asking Jerry how much an electric car is. He said $2000 dollars. I told him I could get one I just didn’t know how I would refuel it… I could see a black like Kia Cube car being painted an extra thick layer around it as I looked down at the image of one in my mind. Why would I want an electric car during an electrical power outage??? Dreams are symbolic!
As we sat on the road, I studied the car in front of me. The woman driver had long hair and it was wet. I knew that she mustn’t have been able to wash it due to the power being out. Next thing I know, we were watching the news. How you might ask? In the air where the GPS would go on the dash, there was a screen in the air. There was breaking news. There has been 5 major power cyber attacks in The United States. I could see a large map on the screen done in yellow and orange colors. One of the areas was in Kentucky and in my hometown. I looked at Jerry with my mouth gaped open.
In another scene, I was in another house in a dark bedroom and I called my mom to come in. She came in there and I told her “Mom, they want to re-do Dirty Dancing (the 80’s movie) and she sounded devastated instead of excited as I told her they wanted her to play Baby, because she had to say goodbye to Patrick Swayze at the end of the show (she’s probably gonna kill me for sharing this part lol).
Then I was in my old room from high school. I had a grown cat in my bed. I don’t have a cat right now in real life though I have had many times.

I was mad because it kept walking all over the place and even across my pillow and I knew that made it dirty. I thought to myself, “Why did I get a cat? This is NOT the pet for me.”
Later I was in another dark bedroom where I could barely get around and I told my cousin or a female friend that was there that it was The Russians who caused the power outage. I could see pictures of individual men on the wall of what looked like we’d call The Marines in The United States. I looked at them thinking how serious they were. I also recall urging someone not to go to a fortune teller because they were only hearing from an unfamiliar spirit which is a demon.
Finally…Yes this really was my dream and in the end I did wake up laughing myself to pieces. Thank You Jesus.

Whatcha think?

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