The Lord’s Warning for New York

If you live in New York City or New York and do not know The Lord Jesus Christ, The Son of God, as your Savior, then I strongly suggest you MOVE and RELOCATE NOW! I’m serious!  Utter chaos and devastation is on the way and so many will perish! You do NOT want to die without being saved in belonging to The Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus is the ONLY WAY to Heaven and eternal life. He is also THE ONLY WAY OUT OF the coming 7 year Tribulation which is gonna break out any moment now! NYC will be NO MORE!!! This is The Wrath of God Almighty in Heaven. Jehovah, The God of The Bible! The same God who destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah! I urge you to really think things over. There are many other warnings on this blog. This Prophecy shall too come to pass. The end is at the door.

You can read for yourself in The Bible, The Word of God, but if you are unsaved you will only have limited understanding. It takes the indwelling of The Holy Spirit of God within you to truly understand The Word of God. How do you get that? You recieve The Holy Spirit when you call upon The Name of The Lord Jesus Christ. If you mean it with all your heart, there will be a supernatural transformation taking place inside of you. The sins of your past will be forgotten and you will be reconciled to your Maker. This was made possible buy the death of The Son of God, The Lord Jesus Christ, on The Cross over 2,000 years ago.


You can search to learn more about Father God and The Gospel or Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ, but you better do it fast. No one is guaranteed their next breath.


If I did not warn you, your blood would have been on my hands. See Ezekiel Chapter 33 in The Bible.



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