Sounding The Alarm!

Hey WORLD! I am sounding the alarm in The Name of The Lord Jesus Christ! The Holy Spirit spoke “Sound the alarm.”  In obedience to God Almighty and my calling from Ezekiel 33 I blow the Trumpet now. Get ready! Be ready! Only Jesus Christ The Son of God can save you from the hour of wrath due to hit this world any moment. God’s Timing. God’s Will. Seek Jesus now! Salvation in Christ alone. look up Romans 10:11-13 kjv or brace for impact.

2 thoughts on “Sounding The Alarm!”

    1. I believe the Wrath of Almighty God is what’s coming to the entire world any moment. His timing is not ours, but The Holy Spirit told me this afternoon to “Sound the alarm now.”
      The Bride will be taken out. I believe there may be some type of nuclear situation like that to happen. I’ve gotten Words from The Holy Spirit over the past year pertaining to nuclear war. Today I have felt like an impending doom in the atmosphere in a world of unhappy people. Let us keep praying and interceding while we still can. When they say peace and safety then sudden destruction comes… God bless.

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