Sharing my Dream…

This morning after I woke up from a vivid dream, I heard the following words from The Holy Spirit.


“This means war.” “Davenport”   “preemptive strike”  and “coven”


I was led to Job 39:24 where I read “…the sound of the trumpet”


Confirmations for sharing all of this was Ezekiel Chapter 2 and Romans 11


In this dream, a friend of mine had a baby and named her

“Tasha Faye.”  After looking it up, Tasha is of Russian, Greek origin. It means “Born at Christmas.”

“Faye” means “Confidence, trust, belief, faith”


In the dream my friend and her husband took the baby to the hospital for what I understood to be her first doctor visit.


In dreams a baby symbolizes  “new ministry or responsibility that has recently been birthed; new beginning; new idea; dependent; helpless; innocent; sin.


I dropped them off at the hospital for the appointment. A Hospital symbolizes “a place of healing, healing anointing.” Also, the baby looked to be from the middle east even though her parents were both Caucasian.


Whatcha think?

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