God Numbers

I was going through my Google+ Communities list sharing a video (which just so happened to actually be about the ANTICHRIST! Woah!) when these numbers JUMPED out at me!


Looking only at the top 2 sets of numbers…
The number eleven is important in that it can symbolize disorder, chaos and judgment.
Coming after 10 (which represents law and responsibility), the number eleven represents the opposite – the irresponsibility of breaking the Law, which brings disorder and judgment.
11 = Disorder and judgement
44 = Judgement of the World
666 = Antichrist
“Many people believe the 11 phenomenon is a sign of the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. Many believe it is a sign that this is the 11th hour. The time right before the rapture and Armageddon. It is also widely believed that Biblically speaking the number 11 represents disorder and confusion. We are told that in the last days disorder and confusion will run high. We can see some signs of that now.”  From 11phenonmenon

11 – Biblical Numerology Meaning: deals with the things of imperfection, disorganization of systems, and the disorder or chaos of things.
44 – Biblical Numerology Meaning: deals in reference with things that bring about a worldwide divine judgment against humanity
666 – Biblical Numerology Meaning – deals with the number that refers to the name that is in relation to the Antichrist.
From: Christian Resources Today

Just to be fair, if you’re wondering which video I was sharing when this number event happened…

God is speaking to so many of us with numbers or number patterns in these last days.

These occurrences are becoming increasingly frequent!

We fly soon!

God bless 🙂

Whatcha think?

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