Parents Request Uplifting Cards For Terminally Ill Son Who Has Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Epilepsy

“A couple is urging strangers to grant a simple birthday wish for their son who is terminally ill….

Bubby turns 9 years old on Feb. 11, and his parents want to throw him a birthday celebration with a special twist.

He loves mail,” Brandi McNerney-Everson, Bubby’s mom, told Q13 Fox. “Even if it’s junk mail we give it to him and we say, ‘Here Bubby, here’s your mail.'”

To surprise him, the Eversons have set up a card drive, and are calling on people to send birthday cards and stickers, which they intend to present to him as a treasure hunt.

The couple hopes the gesture will prove to be an incredible experience for their son, who they say has a wonderful spirit….”

Article via HuffingtonPost

To send Bubby a birthday card, use the address below:

Bubby Everson
PO Box 1142
Graham, Washington 98338

To learn more about Bubby or to make a donation to his care, visit his GoFundMe page

Friends, let’s send this precious little boy birthday cards. The cost of a stamp makes for a huge blessing in the life of Bubby Everson.

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