A Prayer for all the world Tonight

This is such a powerful, moving prayer for the world that we live in right now and all of us living in it. This prayer is originally from PrayerStop. I saw this on their Facebook page tonight and had to share it. It pretty much covers anything I can think of to say tonight regarding it all…

Let’s pray this prayer for the world tonight together.

Dear Heavenly Father, We come before You to lift up a prayer for the events in the Middle East as Isil threatens Baghdad. Please give US officials and leaders wisdom and discernment to know how to answer the plea from Iraq to bring US troops back to their country. Give Iraqi forces and leaders wisdom and discernment, and may people on all sides be brought to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ – please bring lost people to Jesus, Holy Spirit, through these trying times, and we pray for Your peace to pass upon our brothers and sisters and the unsaved who are caught in the crosshairs of this frightening time for all. Please give strength to the fragile, courage to the weak, and wisdom to the confused as needed to accomplish Your will for us, Lord. We know You work in our lives individually and in the world on a grander scale – You are mighty and powerful! As different forces struggle against one another and issues escalate, please give Your people boldness and love to pray hard, be bold, and spread the Gospel. We pray that lost souls would be saved and lives would be touched. Please protect and provide as only You can, Lord, and help us to trust in You in all circumstances. We love You, Lord, and trust You to work things out according to Your will. In Jesus’ name we ask these things, Amen.

Thank you for taking the time to pray with me. Please share this prayer if you will, in whatever manner…let love be known and heard.

God bless everyone tonight.

4 responses

  1. God of wholeness, God of Grace,
    to you we bring our thanks and praise.
    To a world that searches
    you are a lamp that shines,
    to a world that is hungry
    you are food that sustains,
    to a world that suffers
    you are hope of release,
    to a world that’s broken
    you are one who restores,
    to a world full of hate
    you are love that forgives,
    to a world that denies
    you are truth that endures.
    To you we bring our thanks and praise,
    God of wholeness, God of Grace.

    1. Beautiful, Amen, Amen. God bless

      1. Amen – God Bless you too!

  2. Beautifully written!! Well done!

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