Affirmations are amazing-and can truly change your life! This is a very awesome Blog Post! Check it out and you just may find the affirmation you need… 😉

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  1. […] My lovely friend Amanda shared (reblogged) a post yesterday on her site about affirmations.  I have been thinking about this and how important these are, especially to those of us who have self-esteem issues.  I NEED affirmations.  I unconsciously look for them daily, in just about everything I do: I do my hair, makeup, or get dressed… I look to my Husband for his approval…  I looked for them from everyone around me that I considered my friends… I looked for them from all the members of the church I belong to – I want to say, from the church itself, instead of the members, but that is what the church is right? – from the good grades I get in my college courses… the list goes on and on.  Does this sound familiar? […]

  2. Thanks for the inflow of positive thought! 💚💚💚 I think I will keep a little note full of affirmations that God shares with me along the way. I often forget the positive 😣 , but thankfully, that can be remedied!

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