HE LIFTS US UP: What is Your Name?


What is your name? Who are you?  Which voice do you listen to??? Are you listening to the one who lies or the Father of all Truth? So many of us have been beat down by the various abuses of this world that we don’t see clearly. The truth is obstructed by our wounds. We believe the lies that have been spoken to us. But those lies are not who we are!!! We are much more than that…

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3 responses

  1. Thanks for the reblog. I really appreciate your support.

    1. You are so very welcome. Your work is always amazing without a beat! 🙂 Thank you for all of the great things that you share! These blessings are helping others around the world and are great works added to your soul. God bless you, dear friend! ❤

      1. Awe… thank you so much. Your words touched my heart. I just thank God for the words that He gives me. It is all about Him, not any of us. God bless you, my friend!!

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